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"After ten years, and due to the excellent work and professionalism that they provided at the time when Espírito da Sabedoria was opened, we once again used B-Training, Consulting's e-learning services, the platform was exceptional, dynamic, intuitive and very appealing. . In this very difficult phase that we all went through, B-Training managed to implement it in record time, being always available to respond, even to the most trivial request in a timely and professional manner. Undoubtedly first-rate assistance."
Rute Afonso
Espírito da Sabedoria
Director General
"Excellent quality manual that explicitly and globally reveals a very good interpretation and understanding of the functional reality of the company. Availability of operational instruments facilitating the recording and processing of data according to the quality manual. An excellent quality of service provided."
Maria da Luz Castro
Thalgo Portugal
Director of Training and Communication
"I really enjoyed participating in this training. I take with me tools that will help me in my professional activity (not only in the area of training) but also in presentations and exhibitions to the public. Likes to continue to deepen my knowledge. Thanks."
Daniela Nascimento
Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA
November 30th, 2018
"A unique and very enriching opportunity. It will always be the company that I will indicate when I am asked about courses of trainers. Thanks!"
Ana Guerreiro
Portugal Telecom
“This Master was very important to my professional life, as it gave me more important skills for my professional activity as Coordinator / Training Manager. It exceeded my best expectations both theoretically and practically. The fact that being E-Learning may initially seem like a handicap, but in this case it was undoubtedly an asset, as the B-Learning VLC Platform works very well and allows learning to be enhanced, providing access to all materials from different modules, forums, posts, anytime, easily and intuitively. Tutor Mafalda Isaac was, from the first minute, very available and contributed greatly to the success of my journey, always with encouraging and wise words. He is a great person and a professional expert. I recommend this Master at B-Training, it is a very worthwhile investment! ”
Mafalda Gonçalves
Kmed Europa
05 January 2015
“I started this course with an opinion on distance learning, during it I was changing and today I recognize the added value in terms of learning, methodology and mastery of knowledge, so I recommend it.”
Antero Figueira
March 07th, 2017
"Even in a special context (pandemic), which affects us all, the experience was extremely positive. I felt, from the beginning, all the support from the Tutor. The presentation and development of content, as well as the assertiveness in training, were excellent! Congratulations!"
António Parreira
Moodle 21
"A fundamental investment for the understanding and improvement of technical skills in the area of e-learning."
Maria Fonseca
Criatividade 03
"Attending this course revealed immediate changes in my personal and professional life, so I consider it a fundamental formation."
Cláudia Franco
Comunicação Assertiva com PNL
“A good balance was struck between the discussion of practical and theoretical knowledge. The atmosphere in the room was very well achieved and enthusiasm and collaboration were always present. ”
João Tacanho
Secretaria Geral do Ministério da Economia
November 03th, 2014
“The entire B-Training team was extremely helpful and collaborative throughout the training. Training support documents are very well structured and offer real support to the trainee. ”
Inês Vasconcelos
05 January 2018
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