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Starting from a strategic and integrated approach the B-Training, Consulting assumes itself as the ideal partner in supporting the management of your Human Assets.

Seeking to move away from the typical HR approaches, the B-Training, Consulting analysis and a systemic intervention capable of fully integrating the strategy and vision outlined by the boards, creating meaning for the change to operate together with all its collaborators, promoting organizational effectiveness.

We are a team of professionals with a complete and integrated human resources management model:  ConSisGEst


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    ConSisGEst – Human Assets

    Through a set of practices based on a model of People Management (of own authorship) called ConSisGEst – Human Assets (Systemic Consulting for Strategic Management of Human Assets), we bet on valuing the intrinsic potential and developing an organizational learning culture.
    Systemic Consulting for the Strategic Management of Human Assets (ConSisGEst – Human Assets): a set of practices based on a people management model (of own authorship), focused on valuing the intrinsic potential and developing an organizational learning culture.
    The philosophy inherent in ConSisGEst – Human Assets operates in different aspects, such as the design and implementation of the Performance Management System, the definition of Multiannual Training Plans, Professional Mobility Plans, Skills Profiles, Functional Arrays, Internal and External Communication Flows, as well as Recruitment-Selection-Integration processes of employees.
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