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Moodle Platform: Technical-Pedagogical Specialization

E-Learning Training


All individuals motivated to develop skills and acquire knowledge inherent to the role of e-learning tutor, namely, Trainers, Training Directors, Training Personnel and Technicians, Training Coordinators (in person and at a distance) and Project Personnel E-learning.


Action: 30 hours

Local: B-Training Academy Platform – www.b-trainingacademy.pt

Start date and times:

A schedule is drawn up for each trainee, so they can start the course on the date and time they want. Synchronous sessions / webinars are scheduled with the course e-tutor, at schedules to be determined by both parties.


Type of training: Continuous Training

Form of Training Organization: E-Learning (Distance Learning)


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B-Training, Consulting is an entity certified by DGERT, so the course fee is exempt from VAT: article 9, paragraph 10 of CIVA.

Aware that each course presents its specificity of deepening the content and methodology used, we leave you below some of the main differentiating factors of our course:

  • Strong practical component, since it will have an area where you can explore all the resources and activities of a Moodle course;
  • Daily monitoring of the course’s e-tutor throughout the course through the one-to-one methodology, fostering a true development of skills;
  • The e-tutor of the course is a professional specialized in the various constituent elements of the Moodle Platform, who has experience in the pedagogical as well as technical experience;
  • Our course starts with a webinar conducted by the respective e-tutor, with 3 webinars being provided throughout the course, video call moments for an individual session with the e-tutor, in which you can clarify all your questions;
  • An individual and personalized schedule is designed for each trainee, making it possible to start the course on the date and time that is most convenient for them;
  • Our course was designed based on the experience of years of work in distance learning, one of our core areas, and the experience with the Moodle Platform.

General objectives:

  • Recognize the diversity of Moodle resources and activities;
  • Design and conceive creative and motivating distance courses;
  • Access control and evaluation mechanisms;
  • Implement a course at Moodle.

Specific objectives:

  • Select Moodle resources and activities according to the training path;
  • Configure Moodle resources and activities;
  • Use the concept of gamification as a basis in the design and conception of a course;
  • Structure a storyboard;
  • Design interactive / dynamic content in authoring tools;
  • Generate activity reports;
  • Configure the course, based on the outlined storyboard and the interactive content designed;
  • Monitor the course development at Moodle;
  • Assess e-learners.

The syllabus of the Moodle Platform course: technical and pedagogical specialization will be organized in modules, according to a sequential development.


  1. Set up a course and enroll users in Moodle
    • Moodle discipline;
    • Registration of users in a course;
  2. Features and Functionalities of Moodle Resources and Activities
    • Types of Moodle Resources and respective configuration;
    • File;
    • Book;
    • LMS package;
    • Page;
    • Folder
    • Separator
    • URL
    • Types of Moodle Activities and respective configuration
    • Data base
    • BigBlueButton
    • Chat
    • External Tool
    • Discussion Forum
    • Glossary
    • Inquiry
    • Lesson
    • SCORM package
    • Polling
    • Test
    • Work
    • Wiki
    • Workshop
  3. Creativity in Moodle: designing a course
    • Gamification
    • Storyboard
    • Content Authoring Tools
    • Moodle Plugins
    • H5P (HTML5 Package);
  4. Mentoring, Control and Evaluation
    • Monitor and Evaluate on Moodle
    • Activity Reports
    • Moodle Staff


The course will take place in a e-learning, through the learning platform B-Training Academy which is accessible at: https://b-trainingacademy.pt/


The content distribution channels for the course development that the trainee has available take the form of a manual related to the course and exercises of application / systematization on the theme, throughout the course.

The information related to the course is found in the course structure, so it is also a support for learning, as it is stored in the student’s history and can be revised whenever you want.


The methodology of evaluation of the learning to be applied in the present course, will be based on a Formative Evaluation, realized through the different activities foreseen in each of the modules that make up the course. This assessment is intended to verify whether the expected results were achieved by the trainee.


Each trainee will be assigned a schedule

Time to be defined between the trainee and the e-tutor

Each trainee will be assigned a schedule

Time to be defined between the trainee and the e-tutor



    When filling out this accepted form, of my own free will, that the information I fill in is my responsibility and that I fully agree with the privacy policy of B-Training, Consulting, which I have read here.


    B-Training, Consulting is an entity certified by DGERT and with the Initial Pedagogical Training Course of Trainers recognized by the IEFP in face-to-face and B-Learning modalities.

    Thus, at the end of the course the trainees will be entitled to a certificate issued in the SIGO Platform, as well as access to the Passport Qualifies.

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