Training in E-Learning or B-Learning


The Master Course in Training Management was created thinking about the professionals who develop / intend to develop a career in the area of Training Management, namely:

  • Managers and Technicians of Training and Human Resources, as well as Trainers and other professionals who work in the Training area;
  • Trainers / Consultants who develop or intend to develop their professional activity in the management, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of training;
  • Other professionals who wish to develop skills in these areas.

Action: 150 hours

Local: B-Training Academy Platform –

Start date and times:

A schedule is drawn up for each trainee, so they can start the course on the date and time they want. Synchronous sessions / webinars are scheduled with the course e-tutor, at schedules to be determined by both parties.


Type of training: Continuous Training

Form of Training Organization: E-Learning (Distance Learning)


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B-Training, Consulting is an entity certified by DGERT, so the course fee is exempt from VAT: article 9, paragraph 10 of CIVA.

The Master Course aims at equipping trainees with key competences within the scope of Training Management.

The participants will be able to assume the role of Training Manager or Training Coordinator, being able to manage all phases of the Training Process and execute the set of procedures inherent to the Management of Training Quality, namely in the scope of the Certification of Training Entities by DGERT and Training Audits.

The program contents of the Master in Management of Training of B-Training, Consulting will be organized by modules, according to a sequential development.


I – Organizational Training and Development (10 H)

  • Global training / development objectives;
  • The role of training as a management tool;
  • Total quality in training – “learning organizations”;
  • The training cycle;
  • Professional figures inherent in Training Management: definition and roles.

II – Legal Framework for Training (12 H)

  •  Legal obligation: 40 hours of training;
  •  The Single Report (Annex C);
  •  Issuance of Certificates: SIGO.

III – The Process of Diagnosis of Training Needs (DTN): from Methods to Instruments (18 H)

  • To classify the factors inducing the training according to its diverse sources of origin;
  • Phases of the Diagnosis of Training Needs;
  • Design methodologies for surveying the diagnosis of training needs;
  • Design instruments focused on the training needs of the Organization;
  • Design of the Final Report resulting from the DTN process.

IV – Planning the Training: from Plan Design to Training Programs and Session Plans (18 H)

  • Stages of development of a Training Plan;
  • The Internal and External Communication of the Training Plan;
  • The definition of Objectives and the prioritization of Training;
  • Training Budget;
  • Training Marketing;
  • Design of the Training Program;
  • Plan of the Session Plan.

V – Managing the Training: from Classroom Modality to E-Learning and B-Learning Modes (12 H)

  • – The design of pedagogical support instruments: the technical-pedagogical training file;
  • The management of the training teams: from the methods to the instruments to be mobilized;
  • Specific aspects of training management in the modalities of E-Learning and B-Learning.

VI – Ensuring the Effectiveness and Quality of Training: the Assessment (20 H)

  • The concept of Evaluation;
  • Evaluation of the impact of training: processes and methodologies;
  • Training control and monitoring instruments: the evaluation of the process.

VII – Training Marketing (12 H)

  •  Definition of the marketing policy inherent in the training: The Marketing Mix;
  •  Definition of a Training Marketing Strategy: internal and external customer.

VIII – Certification of Training Organizations (18 H)

  •  Distinction between Accreditation and Certification Systems;
  •  Advantages inherent in Certification;
  •  Prerequisites and Quality Requirements;
  •  Main obligations of a Certified Entity.

IX – Training Audit / Continuous Improvement (12 H)

  •  Audit concept in training;
  •  Role of the Auditor;
  •  Preparation and Realization of Audits;
  •  NP 4512: 2012 (Portuguese Standard for Auditors of Training Management Systems).

X – Support for Project Realization (18 H)

TOTAL – 150 H


The course will take place in an E-Learning environment, through the platform that B-Training, Consulting provides for the promotion of distance learning courses.

The platform has several multimedia and interactive tools that allow synchronous and asynchronous activities so that during the course, a forum will be made available, thus allowing to follow and develop the contents through an active tutorial as well as synchronous sessions in the chat room, which seek to clarify more specific issues.

The course methodology is essentially active so that trainees are prepared to take on future tasks as Training Managers / Coordinators.


The evaluation of the trainees’ learning will be carried out through the analysis of the products designed during the modules. All modules are mandatory and in each module there will be various activities to be carried out, according to the themes.

The final evaluation of the trainees is based on the following percentages:

  • Final Project: 25%
  • Evaluation of learning in the remaining modules (through participation in the platform / synchronous and asynchronous sessions and activities carried out within each module): 75%



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“B-Training is an entity with visibility and ability to meet the expectations it creates in the trainees. It was an excellent choice to have taken the Master Course in Training Management at B-Training. The Course has a lot of level and applicability. The trainers are great! I recommend the Course, Congratulations! "
Colin Marques
March 11th, 2015


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    B-Training, Consulting is an entity certified by DGERT and with the Initial Pedagogical Training Course of Trainers recognized by the IEFP in face-to-face and B-Learning modalities.

    Thus, at the end of the course the trainees will be entitled to a certificate issued in the SIGO Platform, as well as access to the Passport Qualifies.

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