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E-Trainer / E-Tutor: Pedagogical Specialization in Distance Training

E-Learning Training


Trainers, Training Directors, Training Personnel and Technicians, Training Coordinators (in person and at a distance) and Responsible for E-Learning Projects;

All individuals motivated to develop skills and knowledge inherent to the role of trainer / tutor in E-Learning.


Action: 60 hours

Local: B-Training Academy Platform – www.b-trainingacademy.pt

Start date and times:

A schedule is drawn up for each trainee, so they can start the course on the date and time they want. Synchronous sessions / webinars are scheduled with the course e-tutor, at schedules to be determined by both parties.


250 € (VAT exempt value: article 9, no. 10 of CIVA)

Naturally, each course has its specificity in terms of deepening the content and methodology used.

We leave you with some of the main differentiating factors of our course, which have competed to have already exceeded 100 editions:

  • You will have an e-tutor who will accompany you daily throughout the course;
  • Throughout the course, 3 webinars, moments when an individual session will be held with the e-tutor, in which you can clarify all your doubts;
  • The e-tutor of the course is a professional specialized in the area, who has experience in the pedagogical as well as technical experience;
  • An individual and personalized schedule is designed for each trainee;
Our course was designed as a result of the experience of years of work in distance learning, one of our core areas.

At the end of the Course the trainees should be able to:

Appreciate the profile of the E-Trainer / E-Tutor and the characteristics of the E-Learning modality in view of the general context of Vocational Training in Portugal:

• Characterize the mode E-Learning;
• Identify the main components of a E-Learning;
• Identify the competencies required of the E-Trainer / E-Tutor according to the systems in which they intervene;
• Recognize the evolution of the profile of trainers and E-Trainers / E-Tutors due to ICT.

Prepare, streamline and evaluate a training unit:

• Design and apply an appropriate methodology to the objectives, the target audiences and the training context;
• Identify the aspects to be taken into account in the selection of pedagogical methods and techniques in E-Learning;
• Train and work in E-learning environments;
• Guide and energize groups in the E-Learning environment;
• To properly use and design didactic resources in training, in diverse supports according to the pedagogical strategy adopted for the E-Learning;
• Adapt the learning process to the specificity of the adult individual;
• Develop an effective and productive pedagogical relationship;
• Develop a strategic evaluation device for training useful to its pedagogical practice and as an integrating part of an interactive system for the evaluation of E-Learning training;
• Adopt a self-assessment perspective regarding your practice.

The program contents of the E-Trainer / E-Tutor Course: Pedagogical Specialization in Distance Training from B-Training, Consulting will be organized in modules, according to a sequential development.

Presentation before starting the Course:

  • Presentation of the E-Trainer / E-Tutor and the E-Trainees
  • Presentation of the course, objectives, work methodologies and evaluation model
  • Approach to the platform B-Training, Consulting – B-Training Academy (BTA)


I – E-learning and Multimedia: Distance Learning (6 H)

– Concepts and theories of learning in E-Learning

– Pedagogical models

– Multimedia content

II – E-learning platforms (7 H)

– Learning management systems

– E-Learning Platforms

III – E-contents (7 H)

– Organization of contents according to international standards

– Design and organization of E-Content

– SCORM Standards

IV – Profile of the E-Trainer / E-Tutor (8 H)

– The Trainer and the E-Trainer / E-Tutor

– Skills of the E-Trainer / E-Tutor

– Performance assumptions of the E-Trainer / E-Tutor

V – Pedagogical Relationship and Online Group Dynamics (8 H)

– Online learning communities

– Online communication

– Strategies for dynamizing and moderating online groups

VI – Pedagogical Methods and Techniques (8 H)

– Methods and techniques used in E-Learning

– Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the various methods

VII – Evaluation in E-learning (8 H)

– Control and analysis of data in E-Learning

– The evaluation in E-Learning

VIII – Project (8 h)

– Designing an E-Learning project

TOTAL: 60 hours


The course will take place in a E-Learning environment, through the platform that B-Training, Consulting provides for distance learning courses.

The platform has several multimedia and interactive tools that allow synchronous and asynchronous activities so that during the course, a forum will be made available, thus allowing to follow and develop the contents through an active tutorial as well as synchronous sessions in the chat room, which seek to clarify more specific issues.

The course methodology is essentially active, based on research and information sharing, so that trainees are prepared to take on future tasks as E-Trainers / E-Tutors.


The evaluation of the trainees’ learning will be carried out through the analysis of the products designed during the modules.

All modules are mandatory and in each module there will be various activities to be carried out, according to the themes.


You have 30 days to complete the course and can start on the date and time that is most convenient for you

Synchronous session time to be defined between the Trainee and the E-Trainer

Each trainee will be assigned a schedule

Time to be defined between the Trainee and the E-Trainer / E-Tutor


“The course is very well structured and organized. The contents are attractive and interesting and the activities are demanding but achieve the student's effective learning and participation. The timing is adequate, as long as it is well managed from the 1st day. Thanks to Carolina for the transmission of knowledge and Claudia for the support throughout the course. It was a good experience :)"
Dalila Cavalinhos
Real Vida


    When filling out this accepted form, of my own free will, that the information I fill in is my responsibility and that I fully agree with the privacy policy of B-Training, Consulting, which I have read here.

    When attending this course, you will be invited to join a Sharing Community, called “Espaço Criativo”, where you will have the opportunity to:

    • Share your questions about the world of e-learning;
    • Share and access tools and curiosities;
    • Communicate with other trainees and with E-Trainers at B-Training, Consulting;
    • Have access to the various free Webinars that B-Training conducts on the e-learning modality.


    B-Training, Consulting is an entity certified by DGERT and with the Initial Pedagogical Training Course of Trainers recognized by the IEFP in face-to-face and B-Learning modalities.

    Thus, at the end of the course the trainees will be entitled to a certificate issued in the SIGO Platform, as well as access to the Passport Qualifies.

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