B-Training Consulting

E-Trainer / E-Tutor: Pedagogical Specialization in Distance Training

E-Learning Training


You have 30 days to complete the course and can start on the date and time that is most convenient for you

Synchronous session time to be defined between the Trainee and the E-Trainer

Each trainee will be assigned a schedule

Time to be defined between the Trainee and the E-Trainer / E-Tutor


“The course is very well structured and organized. The contents are attractive and interesting and the activities are demanding but achieve the student's effective learning and participation. The timing is adequate, as long as it is well managed from the 1st day. Thanks to Carolina for the transmission of knowledge and Claudia for the support throughout the course. It was a good experience :)"
Dalila Cavalinhos
Real Vida


    When filling out this accepted form, of my own free will, that the information I fill in is my responsibility and that I fully agree with the privacy policy of B-Training, Consulting, which I have read here.

    When attending this course, you will be invited to join a Sharing Community, called “Espaço Criativo”, where you will have the opportunity to:

    • Share your questions about the world of e-learning;
    • Share and access tools and curiosities;
    • Communicate with other trainees and with E-Trainers at B-Training, Consulting;
    • Have access to the various free Webinars that B-Training conducts on the e-learning modality.


    B-Training, Consulting is an entity certified by DGERT and with the Initial Pedagogical Training Course of Trainers recognized by the IEFP in face-to-face and B-Learning modalities.

    Thus, at the end of the course the trainees will be entitled to a certificate issued in the SIGO Platform, as well as access to the Passport Qualifies.

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