Classroom Training


CCP holding trainers (formerly CAP) or with proven training experience of 5 or more years, motivated to develop the skills and knowledge inherent to the role of Adult Trainers.


Duration: 24 hours

Local: Client / Training Center facilities of B-Training, Consulting – Rua Castilho, nº 90, 1ºD 1250-071 Lisboa

Open Hours: To be defined with the client


Type of training: Continuous Training

Form of Training Organization: Classroom Training


On request

Discount application for the unemployed (by presenting a copy of the IEFP registration).

Since B-Training, Consulting is an entity certified by DGERT, the value is exempt from VAT: article 9, paragraph 10 of CIVA.

There is the possibility of phased payment, for more information contact us or request a contact from us.

The course aims to update knowledge and acquire new skills inherent to the Adult Trainer.

At the end of the Advanced Training Course for Trainers, trainees should be able to:

  • Acting as motivational leaders of a training group;
  • Streamline creative and original training actions;
  • Implement presentations that trigger attention and interest.

The program contents of the Advanced Training Course for Trainers of B-Training, Consulting will be organized in modules, according to a sequential development.


    1. The Trainer as a Motivational Leader (8 H)
      • Breaking paradigms: being a trainer these days;
      • Motivate through different styles;
      • Motivational Leadership;
      • Fundamental techniques to lead the training group with emotional intelligence;
      • Self-motivation in the Trainer.
    2. Streamline presentations that capture attention (8 H)
      • Mobilize techniques that capture attention;
      • The voice as the main resource of the Trainer;
      • The universe of Non-Verbal Communication;
      • Effective presentations – Workshops: from powerpoint to prezi.
    3. Creativity in the development of Training Sessions (8 H)
      • Being a Trainer out of the box;
      • Pedagogical Strategies and Creativity Techniques;
      • Articulate resources and available spaces with the profile of the trainees;
      • Mobilize the potential of Collaborative Learning Platforms.

TOTAL : 24 Hours


The course will take place in an E-Learning environment, through the platform that B-Training, Consulting has for promoting distance courses.

The platform has several multimedia and interactive tools that allow synchronous and asynchronous activities to be carried out. During the course, a forum will be made available, which will allow the monitoring and development of contents through active tutoring, as well as synchronous sessions in the chat room , which aim to clarify more specific issues.

The course’s methodology is essentially active, based on research and information sharing, so that the trainees are prepared to take on future tasks as E-Trainers / E-Tutors.


The appraisal of the trainees’ learning will be carried out through the analysis of the products designed during the modules.

All modules are mandatory and in each module there will be several activities to be carried out, depending on the themes.


To be defined with the Client

Schedule to be set

Days to be defined

To be defined with the Client

Schedule to be set

Days to be defined


"Frequentar este Curso deu-me ferramentas muito uteis para poder exercer as minhas competências de forma mais profissional."
Maria Clara Lencastre
AGEAS 06-20


    When filling out this accepted form, of my own free will, that the information I fill in is my responsibility and that I fully agree with the privacy policy of B-Training, Consulting, which I have read here.


    B-Training, Consulting is an entity certified by DGERT and with the Initial Pedagogical Training Course of Trainers recognized by the IEFP in face-to-face and B-Learning modalities.

    Thus, at the end of the course the trainees will be entitled to a certificate issued in the SIGO Platform, as well as access to the Passport Qualifies.

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