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Because we know that professional training offers greater added value when conceived in function of its recipients and the organizational contexts where they are inserted, B-Training, Consulting offers its organizational clients a specialized service of design, organization and development of training projects guided by a logic of appreciation of the lived and the portfolio of experiences of individuals - experiential formation.


This logic of work, which contradicts the trend of the market for catalog, seeks to articulate the needs, motivations, interests and expectations of human assets with the strategic orientations of the Organizations where they work, creating an organizational synergy.

These training projects are supported by additional needs diagnosis processes of training on the spot and by processes of evaluation of the impact of the formative project developed in the organizational contexts and in the performance of the Organization.

Because the philosophy of this service that B-Training, Consulting offers is not to have a training catalog made, but before training designed according to the specifics of each client , we present below some of the areas and themes in which we have worked, which summarize our core business:


To be defined with the client

Time to be defined

Days to be defined

To be defined with the client

Time to be defined

Days to be defined


"The course on a personal level was very fruitful, in which I learned a lot, and the taught content was very important for my near future. The course helped a lot, as I was currently developing a DNF for my Organization, through it I had several suggestions for improvement… And I think overall, the DNF was much more complete. Many thanks to the trainer, who was excellent. "
Susana Palma
BEL Portugal
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    When filling out this accepted form, of my own free will, that the information I fill in is my responsibility and that I fully agree with the privacy policy of B-Training, Consulting, which I have read here.


    B-Training, Consulting is an entity certified by DGERT and with the Initial Pedagogical Training Course of Trainers recognized by the IEFP in face-to-face and B-Learning modalities.

    Thus, at the end of the course the trainees will be entitled to a certificate issued in the SIGO Platform, as well as access to the Passport Qualifies.


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